Aluminium Repairs

Aluminium has proven itself as a long lasting material as used for windows and doors. Unfortunately the unexpected sometimes happens and repairs are needed. At D&G we have exceptional staff who make repairs in a professional and timely manner it their priority.   

Make contact with us here to book a repair team to come and see to your Aluminium repair today!

Steel is the strongest and most cost effective solution for doors and windows.  Where safety, price and longevity are concerned we have you covered with a wide range of steel door and window options.

Aesthetically pleasing wood doors and windows bring warmth and a touch of class to any building. For home or office, we offer a wide range of wooden doors to fit your needs and budget. Wood doors provide great insulation and will help lower cooling and heating costs at your home or business. 

Frameless glass is the answer to the question of how to make your home more sophisticated. Be it in your living areas in balustrade form or to bring that spa feel or a touch of elegance frameless glass answers the call. It brings instant value to your building and makes cleaning not only easier but more cost effective.